Spend no more than you want

Everyday financial success does not come from forced discipline but rather from transparency and foresight. We categorise your payments on-the-fly into groups that correspond with your lifestyle preferences to give you the chance to virtually live your own finances.

Monthly spending limit

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Monthly carbon limit


Monthly spending limits

We also help you identify in which shopping categories you may overspend, and enable you to set up limits. Your spendings are then continuously showcased against your limits for you to see how you progress

Monthly carbon limits

Ecological consciousness becomes an imperative. The CO2 equivalent of green house gas emission is calculated based on your spending transactions and shown in your transaction list giving you the option to follow and control your monthly climate burden.

Create new limit

Setting up a simple control through limits has never been easier than with Ecomate. By a few taps your monthly commitments in both spending and carbon emissions are recorded, and ready to be monitored on the main dash of the application.