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Coaching is the most gentle way of helping others achieve. In doing so, we provide market-tested techniques in money management for you to be part of a seamless journey towards financial freedom.

Financial coach

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Boost goals

Boost goals: because saving money is overrated anyways - says the AI sarcastically. In fact, you achieve your financial ambitions more efficiently by casually boosting. Try it and do it often. Best if you can make a habit of it.

Roundup settings

Do not bother with watching all your purchases. Automate saving by letting us round up your expenses and accumulate the top-up for rainy days.

Payday settings

Professionals advise you to always pay yourself first. Automate reserving when you are the richest in the month, on payday.

Simple & Master save

Ready to launch your first saving scheme? Or advance to master saving? We help you set healthy proportions in your financial management objectives along with the best market recommendations.


Sign up for financial challenges from our tailor-made selection. This is an awesome way to develop financial muscles without much effort. Never miss a challenge you believe you can make, and when accomplished, share it with your friends.

financial coach

Financial tips

Financial literacy is hardly taught in school. It works rather than learning by doing. Follow our financial hints and turn them immediately into practice. Easy and fast learning curve on your cell phone.