Take sustainability to the next level!

Green personal financial management tool helping 
users track & reduce their carbon footprint.

There’s an emerging customer demand for transparent personal finances, forecasting methods and options, seamless CX and tools helping to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. These customer needs can become your competitive advantage!

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The customer pain point

Personal financial management and making spending decisions can be time-consuming and quite stressful. More than 50% of CEE-based societies do not have any savings. People lack professional guidance and base their decisions on impulses and friends' and family members' advice.

Redesigning and rethinking personal financial management and online account services is inevitable, and the legacy approach of past transactions datasets, retrospective financial information and complicated solutions must be replaced with transparent budgeting tools, forecasting methods and options and frictionless customer experience!

Environmentally conscious users face similar challenges as they miss guidance and transparency regarding the ecological consequences of their spending habits. According to GoHenry, 40% of GenZ customers feel directly responsible for saving our planet. Financial institutions are now discovering the demand for environmentally conscious banking solutions and incumbents, like Barclays are investing vast money to stay ahead of competitors: fintech companies, like Doconomy, bunq or Almond, which are already providing the right solutions for users.

Our application and tailor made advisory services help users avoid overspending and easily maintain a low carbon lifestyle, while ensuring the necessary tools to stay ahead of your competition!

What is Ecomate?

A modularly built application that can efficiently supplement financial institutions’ mobile banking solution by providing an easy-to-use tool for customers to budget their money more efficiently while also reducing their carbon footprint and maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle.

Key functionalities

The product contains two basic areas of functionality:

Digital money manager

containing functions
budget planner
spending limits
saving strategies
spending monitor
reports and assessments

Carbon footprint manager

containing functions
carbon planner
setting the CO2 limits

Setting financial and carbon limits

Ecomate helps users avoid overspending and maintain 
a low carbon lifestyle.


Saving money for different goals

New car? Exotic holiday? No problem!

Ecomate is aimed at getting users to understand that keeping a conscious budget is not difficult at all. To ease customers into the habit of using the app, we have built in numerous predefined values and template-based flows to further ease goal-based savings and help them develop the much-needed financial literacy. Users can now easily customise and monitor their progress to reach their goals and set up separate virtual pockets for their aims.


Staying ahead of finances with the elaborated financial coach!

Our financial coach solution and custom advisory provide customers with tips & tricks to budget more efficiently while staying environmentally conscious. The financial coach contributes to developing mindfulness in budgeting by setting different rules and practices. A company can use this feature to communicate the advantages of its services to its customers directly.

And there’s even more!

Our elaborated functionality package includes other curated tools which can engage customers in the long run and also acquire new ones!

Account aggregation

Our goal was to create a concept that truly facilitates users' lives. By leveraging open banking, all accounts can be merged in Ecomate, so customers can easily switch between them and review their past transactions ensuring transparency.


We created a dashboard that contains all the functionalities that help users immediately have a clear overview of financials. Besides goal-based savings, customers can easily set their custom limits based on their personal spending and carbon emission habits.

Carbon emission tracker

By detecting the data of each transaction, the application tracks the carbon emission of users and offers ways to reduce it.

Financial forecasting

Forget the retrospective approach! Ecomate forecasts financials with the help of its curated algorithm, so customers can avoid mistakes before they are made!

Category and spending limits

Setting limits in each spending category can help customers get rid of their bad habits and avoid overspending.

Peer analysis and benchmarks

By letting users know about the average carbon emission of other users, they can stay motivated and keep improving their results thus contributing to a greener future.

The technology behind

We operate with our own, internally developed technology. Our custom-made algorithms support the unique functionalities and the value for customers and financial institutions at once.

  • PSD2/Open Banking XS2A API based account integration

  • Big Data from transactional and app-based behavioral information

  • Unique carbon footprint (tracker) computation logic

  • Business rules and real-time decisions

  • Public or private cloud deployment option

  • Full integration to the bank’s mobile transactional system

  • Traditional statistical methods for predictive client scoring

  • Machine learning techniques for minimal customer interaction 
(full automatisation)

  • Artificial intelligence for descriptive analytics and offer generation

  • Gamification features and vivid educational contents

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